The music of Finland has always been one of my major passions, so I offer this full section devoted to the music and places of Finland. In addition to the usual audio exceprts from CDs, this section also includes original audio recorded exclusively for RootsWorld on location in Finland. This page is no longer updated, so always check the RootsWorld home page.- Cliff Furnald



Interviews and Articles
Slobo Horo
Värttinä's Kirsi Kähkönen and Kari Reiman
Maria Kalaniemi
Kimmo Pohjonen
Tellu Virkkala: a 1996 interview with Andrew Cronshaw
The Kaustinen Festival, 1998
Asa (audio feature)
Saami: Words and Images
Arto Järvelä: 1993 interview
Folk Festivals: 1994
Folk Festivals: 1993
Maria Kalaniemi (two interviews, 1993 &1994)
EtnoPojat (interview, 1995)
Gjallarhorn (interview 1997)

Recording Reviews Archive

Other Resources

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