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Pekka Lehti
Outo Voima
Aito 2000

Pekka Lehti is the bass player for Värttinä, and I suppose one rule is that you don't play solo bass, so on every track of this acoustic, ethnic jazz CD, he includes various friends, all players of some stature in Finnish music. The album is recorded in situ in various places; instead of a studio, it might be a kitchen, a living room or boat, so in essence this is "real music."

In addition, the booklet says that it is quiet music.
"I thought this was supposed to be quiet music!"
"It is quieter than Värttinä!"

"Vainajalan tango"
Cheerily, turn up the volume and it is loud and strong and vivid. Outo Voima is one of those faites simples, depending on simplicity and clarity for strength. the styles run a strange trip through various kinds of Finnish music. At one end there's the primitive vocals of Wimme Saari (listen), on the other, a melodic and peppy fiddle duet with Arto Jarvela and a tango with Timo Alakotila on pump organ. I had a déjà vu experience hearing Jarmo Saari on guitar for "Sarastus," remembering first listening to Garnet Rogers playing "Carrickfergus" in a stairwell, so I could say it evokes Garnet Rogers playing underwater guitar.

In all these little partnerships Lehti patiently, enthusiatically and generally effortlessly pulls at the bass strings, sometimes eliciting a drawl, at others percussively slapping the hell out of 'em, or with a bit of odd nautical, animal dirge bowing, and therein resides another continuity. - Judith Gennett

"Vainajalan tango" composed and performed with Timo Alakotila
© 2001 Aito Music

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