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Asia on RootsWorld
There are nearly impossible divisions to be made, each with its pitfalls. We have chosen a geographical style even though there are many overlaps in these various countries and regions.

These regional sections are merely a guide, are usually somewhat out-of-date, and are not the only content on the site. You will find much more by searching the site:

Reviews of recordings from or influenced by Asia:
Japan and Okinawa
China and Nepal
Central Asia and Russia
Asian Sub-Continent (India, Pakistan, Nepal, etc)
Middle East and Persia
South East Asia (Viet Nam, Thailand, Burma, Laos, etc...)
General Asia and Middle East (cross-national fusions and what we haven't sorted out yet.)
More regional pages are coming soon

Feature Articles

  • Indonesia; An introduction to some popular musical styles by John Cho
  • The Chant of Tibet by Brian Grosjean
  • Tuva; An introduction to the throat singers, by John Cho
  • EastJazz; Adrienne Redd speaks with jazz musicians about the influences Indian music has had on their work.
  • Qawwali, an introduction to the music of Pakistan by John Cho
  • Voices Of Vietnam: Musician Philip Blackburn takes us on a journey to Vietnam to hear the music and meet the people who make it.
  • India: Drums and Dust: Warren Senders takes us to a festival in Pune, India. Brass bands and red dust abound.
  • Mambo Nihongo: Eric Iverson looks at Latin music.... in Japan!
  • Brian Grosjean looks at the music of China in these reviews of 1996 recordings.
  • The Music of Okinawa's Shoukichi Kina

Other Things

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