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BEV (BonificaEmilianaVeneta)

A Festival Concert
(Real Audio / See below for MP3)

Recorded live for the 2002 Free Reed Festival
in May and June 2002, in Rovigo and Reggio Emilia, Italy.

BEV has been instrumental in the revival of Italian folk music in northeastern Italy in the 1990s. Formed by members of the seminal La Piva Dal Carner, this new band broke more rules, battered more barriers and have created a vibrant art music that gives new meaning to the folk process in Italy. - CF

The band members:
Claudio Pesky Caroli - double bass, vocals
Luciano Giacometti - accordeon, vocals
Marco Mainini - lead vocals, giutar, pipes, sax
Alessandro Mottaran - pipers, guitar, mandoloncello, clarinet, vocals
Marco Dainese - viola, vocals
Tiziano Negrello - ground drum, percussions

These recordings were made by the band in various locations, recording live with no overdubs or second takes, expecially for this year's festival. Here are the band's notes on the songs presented. (Please note: Real Audio is sometimes a bit unkind to lots of drones and echo, of which these recordings have plenty. Therefore, I have also included 2 of the songs in high-quality MP3 format for those who want to get a high-fidelity experience)

Song title - composer (The CD on which the song was originally published)

  1. "Scopro il mondo" (MP3) - Mottaran-Caroli, Giacometti, Mainini, Mottaran, Olivan (Variabile/Naturale -2001 - Dunya A traditional melody from Costabona (Reggio Emilia) sung in a maggio singing style.
  2. "Mary Dem / Icio" - Trad - M. Mainini / W. Rizzo (La Piva Dal Carner - M'han presa - 1997 -Dunya)
    A marriage song from Pieve di Cento -Ferrara, followed by a sotis (scottish) composed by W. Rizzo.
  3. "Una Cecilia" - Mainini-Caroli Giacometti, Mainini, Mottaran, Olivan (Variabile/Naturale -2001 -Dunya)
    This is a version of one of the most famous traditional songs of northern Italy. (You can find another version in the first cd of La piva dal Carner.)
  4. "Manfrine Nove" (MP3) - Mottaran (Apotropaica -1999 - Robi Droli)
    Our three manfrina. They are our original compositions, based on typical, old-style dance songs that are common in all of northern Italy.
  5. "Ed Cò" - Trad - Caroli, Giacometti, Mainini, Mottaran (Variabile/Naturale 2001 - Dunya
    A traditional song from Brescia.

BEV and Piva Dal Carner CDs are published by Felmay and are available from cdRoots

Read the RootsWorld reviews of Apotropaica, Variabile/Naturale and M'han Presa

The BEV web site: www.bonificaemilianaveneta.it

Audio file ©2002 BEV and used with the express permission of the artists and composers. No other use may be made of these audio files without contacting the artists for permission.

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