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B.E.V. (BonificaEmilianaVeneta)
Dunya (

cd cover B.E.V. revitalize age-old traditions through an acoustic rhythm section that bustles and glitters and moves and shakes and carries us along in a rediscovery of old traditional songs from Northeastern Italy. A mix of pipes, guitars and clarinets, the record acquires at times a Celtic tint while at others a Balkan vibe, all the while maintaining an essential 'Italian-ness.' The songs, many of which are original compositions, work together very well in the context of an album and it's nearly impossible to pick out the new songs from the traditional ones. It is also worth noting that the booklet is bilingual (Italian and English), which is very welcome since the lyrics are often very expressive.

This engaging recording will be a welcome addition in the collection of anyone interested in the music of the Italian North or Celtic music, or is looking for other musical traditions of a similar tinge. A trip of discovery, (of roots, of one's self, of the society, of the past and the present), this record is best described by the lyrics from one of their songs:

"(...) And there's nothing more to say
I'm discovering the world
through my singing"

Variabile/Naturale does not proclaim its value loudly and thus one you wouldn't think of playing day in and day out. However, once you decide to put it in the CD player, it never fails to surprise and reward you. - Nondas Kitsos

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Audio: "ballo dell'orso/spagnoletto"
©2001 Felmay, Italy. Used by permission

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