There are SO many folks to thank for helping make this festival happen. First and most important, thank you to all the artists, who contributed their music. The RootsWorld writing staff have helped make all my crazy ideas (like this festival) come to fruition; it couldn't happen without them. Hugh Brower, our techno-geek extraordinaire, is responsible for providing server space and expertise via Futuris Networks, a 1st class operation that has made this all hum very nicely.

This festival, like the rest of RootsWorld, is funded by voluntary subscriptions, and our subscribers are the folks to thank for the very existence of these web sites. My philosophy has always been that the web should be as open as possible, so that everyone can have access to what we have to offer. These subscribers are folks that understand that philosophy and support it. (That's a hint!)

To the many willing and able outside contributors and facilitators who have gotten involved just for the love of the music, I extend a special thank you.
Kay Hickman
Judith Gennett
Tom Torriglia and his "Month of the Accordion" idea
Dmitri Vietze (who helped spread the word to the press!)
all the radio programmers who participated

Cliff Furnald
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