B.E.V. a.k.a. BonificaEmilianaVeneta
Enrosadira via Robi Droli (www.inrete.it/robidroli)

B.E.V.'s reedy, intrepid sound might lead the casual listener to mistake the combo's origins. Neither Celtic, Breton, Galician nor Basque, they hail from north-central Italy's Emilia-Romagna region, where the Po valley rises into the Appennine highlands. B.E.V. combine modal vocal harmonies with accordion, hurdy gurdy, saxophone, bagpipes, oboe, double bass, guitar, mandolin-cello and a variety of percussion in an inventive repertoire ranging from medieval and regional Italian folk traditions (ballads, valzers and assorted folk dances) to contemporary world fusion ("folk improvisation with a punk attitude," as the notes put it). Hence Apotropaica offers an instructive comparison with Rounder's recent re-release of the 3-volume Italian Treasury, recorded by Alan Lomax in 1953. The Italian lyrics are included (with English approximations), but unfortunately, the booklet offers no background on this aurally engaging music. - Michael Stone

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The song we chose was "Turibolina." They take a simple folk theme and expand it into driving improvisation that features accordion, double bass, guitar, hurdy gurdy and bagpipes.

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