Loened Fall - Gouez
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Loened Fall
An Naer (www.an-naer.com)

cd cover Once you get in the spirit and learn the steps of the traditional music of Brittany, it's impossible to stand quiet while listening to it. So, imagine what happens when this kind of music is recorded live by a group who obviously know their way around the tradition.

Whoever started the myth about the pruddishness of traditional music must not have been to Brittany. The songs are all about women and love: in love, out of love, in pursuit of love. Also the usual suspects and themes feature: your random baron (he's the bad guy but since he is the guy he ends up being the good guy anyway), the threat of sending you to a nunnery (as if), the warrior who returns from some years in the Army to find that things ain't what they used to be back in the good ole days (maybe he is the one who started that myth about the 'the old times'). The trilingual booklet is very nicely designed and it's just a pleasure playing around with it, as well as reading it and it will answer all your questions.

Loened Fall fall head over heels into the music and they give it their all. They play their violin and their hurdy-gurdy and they sing like only this moment counts. And this beautiful music, balancing between the Celtic lands and the neighbouring Gaullic tradition springs to life. It's partly due to the quality of the songs and tunes but I find really nice the way the music switches from slow to fast, how it just picks up speed as the tune progresses, its unpredictability and zest.

If you are already familiar with the Breton tradition, then you are probably a fellow addict: you just cannot have enough of Brittany's music. If you are not, there are a lot of points of entry, but this is certainly one of the best regarding the more traditional part of the spectrum. Enjoy, and let those feet do the dancing! - Nondas Kitsos

Read about the band in the words of band leader Marthe Vassallo

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