The 1999 Free Reed Guide Book: Europe
Features of the Week

The home of the accordion in its present form, much of Europe has an accordion tradition in both folk and classical music. The familiar Irish tunes, the Viennese waltz, and Italian and the Hungarian folk dances all thrive on the sound of the instrument.

These links will lead you to articles or feature reviews and then to further adventures around the world. If you get lost, just click on the accordion or use the back button to return to the menus.

Mats Edén
Fiddler and Box Squeezer from Sweden

FinnBox: The Finnish Acordion JukeBox

Fliflet / Hamre Energiforsyning play fast and loose with Norwegian and Balkan music.

Carl Erik Lundgaard, Danish accordion

Kepa Junkera plays the Basque trikitixa

Maria Kalaniemi, the queen of Finnish accordion

Sharon Shannon of County Clare

Compagnie Chez Bousca experiment in the French tradition

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