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Renzo Ruggieri

"Improvvisazioni Varie"
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"This song comes from my Solo Accordion Project, in which I I play completely improvised music. I try to play in the moment... I listen for a sound and I try to respond it. Sometimes I let my attention focus on rhythm, melody, or harmony and sometimes only on the 'effect' of the performance. In the last year I have begun to use multiple electronic effects to give more power to accordions and use and 'looping' device to play with more rhythm. The concert where this piece was recorded (absolutely live with no mixing or overdubs) was at Teatro Centrale of Ostia (Roma) in Febrary, 2001." - Renzo Ruggieri

Find out more about Renzo Ruggieri and his work at his web site: www.renzoruggieri.it

Audio file ©2002 Renzo Ruggieri; used with the express permission of the artist and composer. No other use may be made of this audio file without contacting the artist for permission.

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