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Filippo Gambetta, Italy

(composed by Filippo Gambetta)

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"Have you ever found yourself in Genoa's old town on a Friday night? It is an experience you should try every once in a while. On an evening such as this I tried to get some sleep in an apartment above the gabbing and joshing of the night crowd in a club called "Le Corbu." The confused sounds of rolling bottles and breaking glass provided the inspiration for this piece." - Filippo Gambetta

Student of the great Italian master of melodeon Riccardo Tesi, Filippo Gambetta brings his instrument to many different musical situations. He creates a music that mixes the tradition of Liguria with the rhythmic and harmonic styles of the Balkans; the French touch with the Mediterranean sense of melody and contemporary classical sounds. The tune "Corbù" is performed by the Filippo Gambetta Trio: Filippo Gambetta, Claudio De Angeli, Riccardo Barbera, with Piero Ponzo and Marco Fadda as guests. It will be part of his new album Pria Goaea to be released on the Felmay label later this year.

Gambetta's first recording, Stria, is available from cdRoots. You can also read the RootsWorld review.

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