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Jarle Fjeldheim, Norway
Traditional tunes for the diatonic accordion
Finskepolkaen (finnish polka)
Livet i finnskogen (life in the finnish woods)
Amerikaturen (the amerikatrip)

Recorded at Kay Hickman's house in Texas in April, 2002.

Jarle Fjeldheim writes:

I was born in Norway, 1965. When I was ten years old, I started to play chromatic button accordion, which was the instrument both my parents was playing.

In 1987, I tried to play a diatonic accordion for the first time, and lost my heart to this instrument.

From that day I played a two-row diatonic accordion, and the big idol and source of inspiration was Lillebror Vasaasen. He is known as the best performer on this instrument in Norway. Lillebror Vasaasen is composing music for two-row diatonic, and I feel his composing goes far beyond the traditional limits in Norway.

In 1995 I bought my first album by Sharon Shannon, a great performer and also my source of inspiration in Irish music for diatonic accordion.

The same year, I bought the album "Partners" by Flaco Jimenez. I appreciated his way of playing the three-row diatonic and his musical style so much, that I had to buy myself a three-row..... This have been my instrument ever since.

My very good friend in Austin - Texas, Kay Hickman, who also is my contact in the U.S., introduced me to Flaco Jimenez in November 1999. It was a great experience to meet my idol, and listen to him live at "The Johnny Nicholas Texas All-Star Big Band Bash", in Fredericksburg.

Kay also introduced me to Flaco`s younger brother, Santiago Jimenez Jr., who is a great performer in traditional Tejano and conjunto border music.

I`m proud to have been his student for six hours!

Listen to a song from Jarle Fjeldheim's CD Durspell
"Trysilknuts reinlander" (Real Audio)

Visit him online at www.squeezebox.no

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