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Neil Browning, Wales

Three tunes from Wales

Neil Browning is part of a growing movement in Wales, one that is not out to preserve the old folk music, but to make it come alive, to breathe again. While he has a great knowledge and respect for the old tunes and the old ways, he is not hestitant to push it as much as the song requires.

Neil has contributed three pieces to the festival. The first is straight traditional music for accordion, guitar and bodhran. The second is an original tune that is decidedly contemporary, adventuring into a global turf while still maintaining a distinct Welsh air to it. The third is another traditional tune (title unknown), but with the accompaniment of classical guitar, it takes on a new and different feeling.

Rachel Dafyyd Ifan / Môn
Chinese Whispers
title unknown

Paul Airey, guitar on "Rachel..."
Meg Browning, bodhran on "Rachel..."
Neli Browning, button accordions and all other instruments

Recordings by Neil Browning:
Scwîcsbocs (Sain)
a number of songs on the Welsh compilation Megin

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