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Xosé Manuel Budiño
Resistencia / Spain
([email protected])

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From Galicia comes a fascinating recording of new music for the gaita of Spain and bagpipes of Ireland. Budiņo plays with great skill and sensitivity, and composes and arranges interesting and occasionally daring new sounds. He uses old ballads, uptempo dance tunes, sacred music, rock and jazz in his songs, bringing to life the instrument and the region's folk traditions.

I'd be happy to listen to him solo, but this record has added incentive in the impressive European band he has pulled together to enlarge his vision. Jacky Molard plays guitar and violin. Mercedes Peon is an incredible vocalist and also plays pandereta (tamborine). Soig Seberil plays his trademark Celtic guitar. Basque trikitixa (diatonic accordion) player Kepa Junkera is central to much of the music, offering some impressive solos and equally solid rhythmic backing. In addition to the basic band there are bass, drums, bouzouki and accordion. Budiņo also plays whistle on a few tracks.

What comes from all of this is a rich mix of pop music and deep rooted folk, joined at the hip and sometimes indivisible from one another. There is high energy and subtle grace at every turn, with good performances from all the musicians involved. - CF

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