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“The album is dedicated to a variety of human concerns that demand our attention”

My December 2018 pick for Music of the Month is Cesare Dell'Anna and GirodiBanda's Guerra. The composer, trumpeter and bandleader is joined by thirty musicians, most of them from Puglia including members of his other ensemble Opa Cupa, with special guests from some of Italy's best bands. As George De Stefano writes in his RootsWorld review, "[the album is] an expansive offering; its eighteen tracks, in various styles and multiple languages, total more than an hour's worth of music... The record ranges widely, with Salentine idioms in the mix but also Neapolitan and other Southern Italian traditional music, Balkan, jazz, reggae, and European classical elements. It's first-rate... and will delight southern Italian music fans... whether seasoned cognoscenti or newcomers."

Give it a listen and I am sure you will agree!

"Dannatamente bella" (full track)

"[email protected], cavallo di ritorno palestinese" (excerpt)

"La sigaretta elettrica" (excerpt)

"Opapa" (excerpt)

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Buy a copy of the CD now and support RootsWorld
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Cesare Dell'Anna CD cover

You can read more about GirodiBanda in George De Stefano's review in RootsWorld.

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