The 1999 Free Reed Guide Book: Asia and The Pacific

The khaen is a Thai/Laotian free reed made of bamboo.
This sound sample is played by Nouthong Phimvilayphone, from Visions of the Orient (Amiata) (read a review)

Read an interview with Thai mo lam singer Saman Hongsa

Khamvong Insixiengmai Ensemble
Bamboo Voices
khene music from Laos


Phu Dong with Thang Long
"Elope in Spring" (based on a H'Mong folk song)
from the album Stilling Time (Innova)
Thang Dong performs a H'mong folk song on a subtle free reed pipe made of bamboo with a bamboo reed (unlike the khaen's metal reeds). The sound is very flute like, with only the slightest buzz of the reed to give it a unique character.
This piece was recorded by Philip Blackburn in Ho Chi Minh City,1993-94. Philip Blackburn explores the music of Vietnam

Lu-Sheng is the Chinese version of the reed mouth organ. This piece is a traditional Miao dance song, peformed by Jin Qu, considered to be one of the great representatives of the Miao culture.
This short excerpt is from Music of Chinese Minorities (King World Music Library, Japan, © 1982;).


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