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cd cover Rene Lacaille
Maloya man of Reunion

Lacaille comes from the Indian Ocean island of Reunion, a "department" of France with a complex cultural mix of European and Indian influences. The music of France was superimposed on the island's own Indian based rhythms to create a unique new sound called maloya. Lacaille comes from a family of musicians, and grew up amid that rich cultural stew, and the music he makes on his box is heavily rhythmic and very heady.

We are pleased to have two tracks for you to listen to, one from Rene's 1999 CD Patanpo (Daqui/France), the other a special collaboration with his lifelong compatriots Joel Gonthier (rouleur) and Bernard Marka (kayamb), and American guitarist Bob Brozman, who has been recording and playing with Rene around the world this year in preparation for the release of an album together.

(Editor's note 2002: Brozman and Lacaille's Digdig was released in 2002. See the RW review)

Lacaille and Brozman
"Samba em Preludio"


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Rene Lacaille


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