Olatz Zugasti
Bulun Bulunka
Elkarlanean (www.elkarlanean.com)

After studying piano and composition as a youth, Basque musician Olatz Zugasti became attracted to the Celtic harp with undeniable passion. She has become a superlative harpist and along with her enchanting, rhythmic voice and gentle string technique, she has developed a style with her own artistic signature. For the most part the proceedings have a very relaxing aura about them, inviting but calmly cerebral. As her fingers caress the harp's strings, she often sings slow, beautiful melodies that have been sung the cradle for ages, exhibiting their innate quality to put children to sleep. The arrangements include clarinet, viola, guitar and an occasional penny whistle. Among the highlights is "Amaren Xango," a true sensual delight where Zugasti's singing ripples back and forth between the channel separation as if blowing light air against your ears. The closing composition "Haurrak Ederrak" breaks the mold a bit with its delicate Latin flavor while a children's choir sings call-and-response with Zugasti. Though Bulun Bulunka may often be tranquil and peaceful, it can also be quite powerful and deeply spiritual. - Dan Willging

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