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cd cover The Wailing Souls' latest may be of special interest to the audience of Rootsworld - who are, I would guess, more Internet-curious than most. The Wailing Souls are the first reggae band to release an album on the new Reggaeblitz/Musicblitz label, after releasing an MP3 of their 1999 single "The Underdog." Encouraged by fans to record an album in the roots style, the Wailing Souls went to the studio without the backing of any label, funding the recording themselves. Equality appealed to Reggaeblitz, and the album was released this summer.

Equality is loaded with catchy socially conscious tunes; the first half of the album is especially strong. "Equality," "Hard Living," and "Foundation" beg for radio airtime. However, the sweet, heady bass lines are somewhat compromised by the electronic effects that introduce just about every song and the overuse of programmed drums. Unfortunately, I would not rush to put on some of the later tracks. "Artificial" is an awkward condemnation of plastic and genetic engineering that lacks the conviction of the rest of the album. - Craig Tower

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