The Legendary Wailers
Live At Maritime Hall
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Forget Woodstock. The high point of my musical-cultural life was a 1977 Bob Marley and the Wailers outdoor concert in western Massachusetts. I can summon up a vision in memory of Marley, leonine dreads flailing before a huge Lion of Judah flag, throwing back his head and letting loose with his jungle-warrior cry or calling down much-deserved calamity upon the Apartheid Regime and its allies. And of the lovely I-Threes hypnotically shuffling and chanting while the rhythm section rocked and little Ziggy danced around the speakers.

This new live Wailers recording helps conjure up that fond memory. Certainly, no devotee of Bob Marley will ever replace the man himself--Ziggy and his siblings pay respect to their late father but walk their own musical paths. Yet, the original Wailers band has found a very good interpreter of Bob's songs in their new singer, "Young Lion" Elan Attias. This recording suggests that they are now able to offer at least a taste of the fire and glory of a Bob Marley performance to a new generation.

And more power to them for their efforts. Play this CD alongside "Bob Marley and the Wailers Live" and "Babylon By Bus" and see if you don't agree the Vision is being carried on. - Bill Nevins

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