Townes Van Zandt
A Far Cry From Dead
Arista Austin

cd cover These 13 songs are all superb examples of Townes Van Zandt's story telling. Recorded a decade ago at a neighbor's home studio, they simply featured his voice and guitar. His wife, Jeanene, and friend, Eric Paul, assembled an illustrious group of musicians to overdub backings, and an album worthy of his name is the result.

Many of the tunes will be familiar, "Pancho and Lefty" possibly being the most famous. But the jewel in the crown must be a 'new' song, "Sanitarium Blues," a recitation made all the more painful by Townes' deadpan delivery (though I do wish they would have laid off a little on the accompaniment).

It's been two years now since his passing. His legacy is his music, some of the most moving songs of our times. Some sad and wistful, some dark and brooding, he was a true poet who understood extremes of emotion and found the innermost spirit of what makes people tick. - Jamie O'Brien

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