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cd cover Tumult is from the city of Odense on Funen, the Danish Island between the mainland and the island which holds Copenhagen. Hatched in 1999, this ensemble of a traditional fiddler and singer and three rock musicians is emerging as a fine 'heavy traditional' band. Wallegnav is a skillful, differential mix of traditional lyrics and traditional-style original folk tunes, heavy rock, and just enough good natured jazz. Most of the traditional music is Scandinavian, much the same style as one would hear across that big bridge to Malmo, but some is the legacy of the many Scottish and Irish touring bands that have invaded the continent; as a reference point Tumult could be called three quarters Hoven Droven, one quarter Shooglenifty. The mix is smoother than that of Hoven Droven, and on some tracks the Polka Steady vocals of fiddler-composer Jorgan Dickmeiss can be heard instead of only tunes devoid of human voice.

Though an album of several moods, in its shining "heavy" moments Wallegnav is an interplay between Dickmeiss' bright-eyed traditional fiddle and a barrage of metallic bassline from Kristian Lassen, Thomas Kristofferson's simmering blues rock guitar, and the insistent drumming of Lars Frimodt-Møller. Tumult may start out like Iron Maiden for a few bars, but the fiddle always wins. The album begins in this manner with two tracks: "The Husband and the Wife," with humorous traditional lyrics (in Danish), and the instrumental "Wallegnav." In between these and an ending synthesizer infused slow New Zealand traditional song ("The Love Song") are Celtic dance tunes, waltzes, and more hard rock-trad fusion with a slight Scottish lilt. A high point of the album is "The Unique" a funky mildly off tempo and discordant rocker, injected with an exotic jam. - Judith Gennett

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