Giancarlo Parisi and Katia Pesti - Terra Celeste
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Giancarlo Parisi and Katia Pesti
Terra Celeste
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cd cover Parisi and Pesti name the tracks on their record after a mixture of deities (Demetra, Calliope, Poseidon, Dioniso) and humans (Circe, Kore, Aretusa), both male and female, in an attempt to address the eternal, the archetypal, the magical, the mystical and the sublime.

In their Celestial Land, Giancarlo Parisi plays the zampogna, the soprano sax and the friscalettu while Katia Pesti plays the piano, the rejong and keyboards. It is very significant that through the use of such a limited number of musical instruments, but through some inspired production work, they create a record that sounds bigger than a single room, expansive like the sea or the sky, varied like the Earth.

There are a number of discernible influences on this record, (including neoclassical composers or interpreters such as René Aubry, Michael Nyman and the Hilliard Ensemble and soundtrack composers such as Wim Mertens, Yann Tiersen and Maurice Jarre). On the earthy and a bit dark "Dioniso" the zampogna solo relates to traditional music from Thrace, the region where Dionysus was born, while "Focu di lu Vulcanu" feels primordial and unexpected, like lava bursting up to the sky.

Although one can discern all those influences, this record is still very much its own, rather than a sum of its parts. It's a great mix that works well mostly because of the musical bond between Parisi and Pesti. - Nondas Kitsos

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