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Du Da
Northside (www.noside.com)

Another twist on neo-trad acoustic music comes from the group Swp, which is composed of two Brits and two Swedish fiddlers. While they unfortunately have no plans to come Stateside soon, they recently released the thoroughly charming Du Da. The album moves along briskly and playfully, but its artful arrangements reveal the players' serious sophistication. While the fiddlers and the vocals give the music a Swedish sound, the music is often borderless, straddling classical and folk, Anglo and Scandinavian.

Swp remakes traditional tunes, but also does original songs, sometimes revealing their impish sense of humor, such as "Se Pa TV (Watch TV)," which advises listeners to "Rinse your brain every day/with programs from the TV screen." - Marty Lipp

Artists' web site: www.swapmusic.info

CD available from cdRoots

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