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Suriscot Trio
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cd cover The FolkClub Ethnosuoni label has been producing innovative and daring fusion projects since their inceptionand. Suriscot Trio's Phases is the the latest in this line. The trio consists of Davide Arneodo on fiddle, keyboards, tabla and mandolin, Simone Bottasso on melodeons and flute and Mateo Dorigo on electro-acoustic hurdy-gurdy and soprano and tenor recorder.

Phases is one of the bolder fusion projects to cross my desk lately, even though the trio are very careful not to use that fateful word anywhere in their notes. Instead, they speak about using music and tradition as a stepping stone towards feelings and perceptions that we are usually unaware of in our everyday routine. This is the transcription of a trip to other spheres of perception and it's to our advantage to be open to its magic. This magic works itself eloquently on what is the best track of the record, "Ya Annas/Laridé," a ten minute tour-de-force that truly achieves the aims stated in the liner notes. This works to a lesser degree on the trilogy of tracks that are "Mabiche pt.1," "Memorie di Vita Passata" and "Mabiche pt.2," which are more traditionalist in spirit and execution.

The problem of this record lies with the rest of the tracks that are not quite of the same high standards. The musicianship remains excellent (even though the Trio are all in their very early twenties or so) but slowly the whole project descends into solely a mental exercise which is not worthy of their potential. Imaybe if they had used more guest musicians on traditional instruments it would have created a fuller sound that would justify the expansive feel of their music.

All in all Phases is a commendable experiment and it is to the credit of both the Trio and of the record company that it has found its way to disc, as I could never imagine such a project appearing through a major label. I am sure that there is a lot we can expect from them in the near future, even if on this record they have not quite made it. The promise is there, however, and so I look forward to their next project, one I am sure will be better articulated. - Nondas Kitsos

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