Alan Stivell
International Tour
Keltia III

Impractical dreams can still make for good music. For decades, Breton Alan Stivell has led a cultural movement built on the dreamy notion of a Pan-Celtic Union of all that is best in the diverse cultures of Brittany, Scotland, Ireland, Wales, Cornwall, Galicia, the Isle of Man, Quebec and who knows which other remnant of the Lost Golden Age of Celtia? Atlantis? Politically, this wistfulness may be as relevant as smokey Rastafarian dreams of a restored Ethiopian Empire, but Stivell's music, on harp, Breton bombarde, bagpipes and electric instruments is nonetheless majestic and beautiful. This re-issued 1979 live recording catches Stivell's ensemble at a high point in their development. You can follow the general drift of what they are singing about, (even when the lyrics are in Breton or Gaelic), and you may judge it either inspiring or silly. Regardless, I doubt you will be able to resist the heart-tug of compositions with titles like, "Liegemen of the Trembling Slopes" and "Fest-Hypnoz". A classic of the Celtic myst! - Bill Nevins

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