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Live in Spain
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cd cover First the disclaimer: I'm not a big fan of the whole live recording concept. Somehow, listening to total strangers hooting and clapping and getting all rabid about a concert that I wasn't able to attend makes me, if not a little jealous, just a little annoyed. However, this release is so cleanly performed and recorded, so beautifully paced, so free of the unnecessary stage patter that brings many live recordings to a screeching halt that I'm willing to ignore the crowd noise. On their own, Skyedance is a musical juggernaut. They are renowned for their relentless rhythmic drive and the epic sweep of their arrangements.

"Way Out Hope Street"
For this concert, they joined forces with some powerful performers, including Galician chanteuse Mercedes Péon, Basque poet Mikel Laboa, Asturian piper José Manuel Tejedor, Basque ensemble Oreka TX and more. The result is a joyous celebration of words and music that will satisfy even the most jaded listener. Péon's soaring voice is exquisite on the touching "Marabilla." "Stoney Run" is a fun, jazzy romp featuring Oreka TX on the thunky txalaparta. Laboa lends his earthy voice to one of the most moving tracks here, the musical setting of his poem "Txoria Txori" - "If I had cut off its wings it would have been mine/it would not have flown away. /But, that being so/it would have ceased to be a bird/and I.../I loved that bird." The song is made all the more touching by a thousand voices in the audience singing along. - Peggy Latkovich

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