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Orquesta América Sabor Profundo RealRhythm (

cd cover Violinist, composer, and arranger Enrique Jorrín (1926-87) played with danzón orchestra Arcaño y sus Maravillas as well as its rival, Orquesta América. With the latter group, elaborating upon the final danzón section with his 1951 hit "La Engañadora," Jorrín unleashed the infectious cha-cha-chá dance craze that swept Cuba, the United States and Europe. Originally formed in 1942, Orquesta América is still plying traditional dance territory with a new generation of players. Under bassist Jorge Arnaldo Machado Duran's leadership, they purvey charanga and its related genres (bolero, cha-cha-chá, danzón, mambo, montuno, salsa). Derived from the nineteenth-century chamber-based Cuban charanga francesa ("French orchestra"), charanga is a dance style marked by an elegant blend of wooden flute, violin, cello, and male chorus, backed by a sizzling rhythm section of piano, bass, timbales, conga and güiro. Sabor Profundo offers an energetic, effortlessly swinging classic mix of mostly original charangas, superbly produced and intimately in key with contemporary tastes. - Michael Stone


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