Elio Reve Jr. y su Charangon
Changui en la Casa de Nora
Tumi Music (www.tumi.music.ndirect.co.uk)

cd cover Pianist Reve is a second generation orchestra leader, inheriting the mantle from his father, a pioneer in integrating elements of changui dance into the stew now known as salsa. Changui is one of the rhythmic roots of the Cuban son, specifically from the area of Santiago de Cuba. I could not hear anything specific to differentiate the rhythms on this album from the typical son, though, as is standard in changui, the tres takes most of the leads.

The group also features three laid back trombones and the other usual conjunto instruments. In keeping with current salsa sensibilities, there is little instrumental improvisation. All the tunes are straight ahead son montunos with a couple of salsa-fied guaracha rhumbas. Three vocalists share the honors in this slick version of the current Cuban take on the traditional son. - Stacy Phillips

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