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Abby Rabinovitz
We Used To Dance

cd cover Get ready for some eclectic, flute-based instrumental music. Flautist Abby Rabinovitz, former member of The Klezmer Conservatory Band, understands Jewish, Balkan, classical Indian, Brazilian and American popular music. She's got the chops and the education to do anything she pleases. Her sound and melodic range are impressive. With so many artistic possibilities, Rabinovitz has chosen to share her inner journey with us instead of opting for something safe. On this far-reaching, richly rewarding recording, she makes it all flow together with a Jewish intonation. Accordion player Evan Harlan and drummer Bob Moses contribute some fine work on this album. A key track on the CD is "Runaway Freylekhs." Rabinovitz juxtaposes Balkan, Indian and Jewish melodies. She describes it as a musical "stream of consciousness." It works beautifully.

Artists like Rabinovitz are not aimless dabblers. They paint from extremely large palette of tone colors, elements and images. The strength and complexity of her elements makes for music that clashes and blends in a resoundingly beautiful way. - Aaron Howard

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