Movers & Shakers
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It's a pleasure to welcome back Pressgang and their brand of English folk-rock with the live document Movers & Shakers. Pressgang have been honing their craft for twelve years now and this recording culls some of Pressgang's many chestnuts together, including "The Cutty Wren," and "Flanders." There are three brisk instrumental sets, and you can hear the dancing going on at the Moln Festival in Germany during "Pace-eggin'"!

There is tremendous accordion work by George Whitfield. Pressgang turn in grand versions of "The Brandy of the Damned" (replete with dub bass), "The Sylkie," and "Joseph Ward." They are as tight-sounding a band in concert as on record, with a strong rhythm section thanks to Miranda Sykes on bass and Tony Lyons on drums.

If you are accustomed to crystal clear sound, be forewarned that some of the tracks on Movers & Shakers sound a bit muddy. I'm willing to forego that for the excitement of hearing Pressgang go for it; Damian Clarke's great voice and cutting, buzzing guitar being a treat in themselves. Movers & Shakers is, after all, a developing snapshot. Pressgang are currently incorporating hammered dulcimer and Taiko drumming into the band's sound, which are sure to bring more pleasure to the heads, hearts, and dancing feet of Pressgang fans. - Lee Blackstone

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