Björnlert, Löfberg, Pekkari
Giga /Sweden (

CD cover Bengt Löfberg (fiddle), Pelle Björnlert (fiddle) and Erik Pekkari (zither, accordion and fiddle) perform traditional music with both a respect for the past and an abiding faith that the music has its own unique future. This trio of master musical craftsmen merges a formal, almost classical dance sensibility with an energy and occasional wit that few traditional musicians ever find. They present a distinct contrast to the modal, throbbing "spelmans" style, with rich melodies and chord changes, sometimes
exaggerated rhythms and unique, often complicated arrangements. Pekkari offers further innovations to the tradition with his personal style of zither playing, which we have chosen to highlight with their "Bridal Polska." Listen to the chiming bass tones and plucked chords of the zither, the formal yet energized grace of the arrangement and you can grasp the direction this trio is going. - CF

Audio:"Bridal Polska" ©2000 Giga, Sweden

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