Oku Onuora
Dubbin' Away
ROIR (www.roir-usa.com)

Dubbin' Away is a collection of dub poet Onuora's musical stylings from the nineties, with two crucial tracks from '83 thrown in for perspective. The best tracks come off of 1990's Bus Out: "Dub Out", "Untitled Dub", and "Sun Dub (Solar Dub)". This last is a mellow rocker, with some jazzy flute and keyboards riding the bass line from start to finish, giving the tune an airy feel. Other standouts are "Dub Pressure", from Pressure Drop, which cues up right after "Sun Dub" and asserts its bottom heavy beat from the get go; the midrange is a canvas plastered with sounds from an exceptional palette, with punchy horns and rock-inspired guitar trading the main chops, while the keyboards, sweetly spooky synthesizers, and vocal whoops kick in to push the song to its unwelcome ending. "Dub Changes" seems a tip of the cap to the disco era, complete with synthesized hand claps (though the Bee Gees never had percussion like this); fans of Onuora's political declarations will enjoy the snippets "Declaration" and "A Slum Dweller Declares." "Dubbing Away," Onuora's jazzy remake of Bob Marley's "Running Away" is one more proof of the dub diversity on this recommended album. - Craig Tower

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