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If you've ever answered the question "You got drum 'n' bass in my klezmer" with "you got klezmer in my drum 'n' bass," then the young London band Oi-Va-Voi are for you. Creating one of the unlikeliest global fusions ever, Oi-Va-Voi stand poised to usher in an unique era of Jewish music across the European continent. Sweet breakbeats mix readily with clarinet, trumpet, and violin, all the ecstatic joy and Euro-sadness of the klezmer tradition distilled into an addictive club sound that speaks of a bona-fide revolution.

Oi-Va-Voi are not sampledelic freaks; they are a live band, which makes Digital Folklore such a smooth and accomplished pleasure. The Oi-Va's transform a traditional Sabbath song into a pulsing, chilled track; they team up with the sensational Moroccan hard funk band MoMo to create the swinging "Salaam Shalom." They rework "Khasidim Tanz," recorded in 1926 by the Bessarabian Yiddish Orchestra, into a throbbing Jewish street music. Tasteful, brilliant, funky-to-the-core yet pensive, Oi-Va-Voi have so much going for them that it is impossible not to expect big things for this band. You will smile in agreement with Farid Nainia of MoMo when he boldly states, "Get up and tell your friends Oi-Va-Voi have arrived." - Lee Blackstone

Our review of the 2004 release, Laughter From Tears

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