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Giovanni Nuti & Co.
Les Voix des Femmes
Forrest Hill Records (

cd cover It took Giovanni Nuti four years to complete this recording, which is only 35 minutes long. That is about 45 seconds of music per month! But the result vindicates the slow rhythm of writing; it took a lot of effort to make it sound so simple.

This is a song-cycle of great depth, anchored on the wonderful vocals of Lucia Lippi (the classical voice), Rossella Ruini (the jazz one) and Emanuela Berti (the folk/blues voice), and propelled by ingenious arrangements by Riccardo Galardini. The stories told and the characters introduced penetrate first and foremost into the soul of Italy, and then all of the Western societies afterwards, ensuring that this record stays with the listener long after coming to its quick close.

The recording seems like it features only the voices and a guitar, and it takes a lot of listens to penetrate this outward simplicity and realize the classical, jazz and folk influences beneath the surface. If anything, it is reminiscent of Leonard Cohen's later work, coupled with more refreshing vocals and the timbre of Italian character that lets the music drift, never forcing itself on us. This proves Nuti to be a soulmate of other Italian cantautori (singers-songwriters) such as Fabrizio de André or Francesco de Gregori and to a lesser degree Lucio Dalla.

The package presentation is highly professional, with an almost immaculate English translation, wonderful photographs and all the right details, something this release shares with the rest of the Forrest Hill catalog.

Les Voix des Femmes' mastery lies not in outspoken emotions but simple gestures; it invites us to listen to the stories and feel empathy for the characters, and then, draw conclusions for our life. Or, with equal legitimacy, you can just play it while driving through the back roads on a summer afternoon and enjoy its warmth. - Nondas Kitsos

Audio (p)(c)2002 Forrest Hill Music, Italy, used by permission

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