Pot, van Lienen & Baumgarten

The musicians in the group Peter Pot, Arie van Lienen and Philip Baumgarten form a Dutch roots revivalist trio composed of two accordions and acoustic bass. On this album, they play a series of original instrumental compositions inspired by French and Low Country folk music and developed along a more improvisational line. Sometimes the improvisation is pronounced, as on "Kuierje." The piece begins as both accordions play what appears to be a simple repeating folk line until bassist Baumgarten gets to his solo. Then the tune takes on an entirely different form as the bassist's solo is a jazz passage completely outside the folk structure. The tension between the parts is delightful before the accordions return to restate the composition's main line.

On other songs such as "Emiel," the tension is between the two parts of the composition. The song opens with a simple line that appears to reference French bal-musette music. Then the piece segues into a Celtic reel. But a few bars into the reel, Baumgarten opens the piece with a bop sounding solo while the accordions keep a rock steady rhythm behind the bass. The piece is resolved as the accordions return to restate the Celtic line. Other pieces are basically straightforward such as "Voor Jeanne," dance tune that appears to reference German influences. The title tune doesn't have any complicated rhythmic changes. It is simply a knock out gorgeous tune, one of those simple inspirations where every note of the melody is perfect.

The instrumental music in Nectar is the language of intimate European cafes, house parties and family celebrations. It's folk revival music without an over-academic feel. -Aaron Howard

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