Bosse Gabrielsson, John-Erik Hammarberg & Gunnar Nordlinder - Munväder
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Bosse Gabrielsson, John-Erik Hammarberg & Gunnar Nordlinder
Tongång (

cd cover Munväder is the first Swedish folk album in a very long time that features the harmonica as the main instrument, and three of Sweden's finest harmonica players are featured. Bosse Gabrielsson, John-Erik Hammarberg and Gunnar Nordlinder are gentlemen that began playing at a young age, in the 1940's and 50's. The result of their collaboration is pleasant. The three play together on three tunes, on most tracks they are either alone or accompanied by guest players on another instrument. Most melodies are in major keys.
What sticks out the most are the 3/4 tunes in minor with zither accompaniment. This combination of instruments is exciting and beautiful. Gunnar Nordlinder's haunting "Kom Kersti, så skola vi svänga" is the album's most memorable track. Bosse Gabrielssons quiet herding tune shows the harmonica to be an intense instrument. All three master the fascinating technique of playing rhythm and melody simultaneously. This is most clearly heard when the harmonica players are on their own, on the tunes such as "Lapp-Nilsvals efter Kristian Oskarsson." While some tracks are less interesting, the variety of melodies and instrumental combinations make this a definitive Swedish harmonica recording. - Staffan Jonsson

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