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Methel & Lord
Pai Nai
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cd cover Italians have been among the few people from Continental Europe to have favorably amalgamated their particular cultural point of view with the musical influences radiating from the UK and the USA in the course of the last half-century or so.

Methel & Lord are one of the latest examples of that trend and one of the more successful ones. In tracks such as "Pai Nai" they create a sound that is distinctive, yet able to be placed within a wider cultural context. You can call that sound funky, or you can call it part of the Manchester scene, or you can call it rock or drum-and-bass, acid or free jazz, but it always remains first and foremost true to itself. The influences expressed are there to support an existing musical idea, not to substitute the lack of it. It's all done with the necessary sense of pizzazz, fun and the wink of an eye (the wonderfully tongue-in-cheek "Heroina Mon Amour" being a prime example of their self-effacing sense of humor).

Using their own distinct Pidgin English dialect (which they call "Mediterranean English") they further pursue that aim of being in dialog with the wider cultural movements while presenting a personal viewpoint. It is a pity, thus, that the lyrics are not included with the CD.

Although the influences on Pai Nai are slightly dated with regards to the 'happening' musical scenes of the day (so, no Neptunes production and no Beyoncé guest vocals) and the compositions are not that memorable, this is the sort of record that can get someone interested in a wider world of music when the innovations of the Anglo-Saxon musical scene start to wear a bit thin. - Nondas Kitsos

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