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Le Chant du Monde

This album shows the promise and limitations of a percussion album. For any one who loves the spirit and energy of a vibrant rhythm, percussion-dominated music is a natural affinity. But eschewing melody and harmony is asking a lot of some audiences, especially for the most part of a full-length CD.

This Turkish-born percussionist does include some other instruments and a bit of vocals, giving the album Mediterranean and Middle Eastern flavors at times. As a percussionist, he has a light hand, so the mosaic of rhythms are swift and skittering rather than pounding and thunderous. Cut after cut move along briskly, composed of a matrix of fleet rolls, beats and flourishes. It certainly makes for compelling in-the-moment listening, but with no lyrics, melodies or hooks, it's hard to develop an attachment to any song. On cuts where there are wind or strings flying above the percussion, there is something more to chew on.

Levent and his co-horts certainly do well by the gods of percussion, slapping out sparks aplenty, but for us mortals who like to hum along, we are left toes a-tapping, transported without being moved. - Marty Lipp

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