Lemonade & Buns
Green Linnet

cd cover Irish band Kla has appeared at gatherings of world music, jazz and folk, which helps explain the sound they make. It can't be categorized simply because it belongs to no particular genre but is part of many. There is something distinctly Irish about what the septet does, but other influences in their playing are also apparent: the near rapping of some of the vocal work; the rhythm work (similar to Larry Carlton at times); even a dash of Madness.
The key to the dynamism of Kla is not the individual parts of the band, but the whole sound they make throughout the album. There is gentleness found on a track like "Andy's Bar," where flute, whistle and fiddle weave a late-night spell, exchanging the lead with ease, one moment playing melody, the next providing a touch of counterpoint or an ascending spiral of harmony.

Behind bass, guitar and piano radiate a warmth that allows the tunes to flow lightly, one moment Irish, the next perhaps a little klezmer, until the rhythm takes over; percussion, electric guitar and piano burn up the oxygen and only the pipes seem able to match the pace. Seven seems an unwieldy number of musicians, but each one has a definite role and each one has a distinctive talent to offer. As Irish music takes bold steps in many directions, Kla is certainly at the forefront, forging its own interpretation. Lemonade & Buns is an album that manages to capture the excitement and intensity of one of their excellent live performances. - Jamie O'Brien

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