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Victoria Hazan
Todas Mis Esperansas
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Victoria Hazan was a native of the Turkish city of Smyrna (Izmir) and migrated to the United States with her husband in 1920. She brought to Manhattan's Turkish-Sephardic community her repertoire of Turkish and Ladino (Judeo-Spanish) songs and in time began to perform and make recordings that were well received in the Spanish-Oriental community. She is accompanied on these recordings by an ensemble that included Nick Doneff and Wishan Sedefchian on violin, Malko Malkon Alemsherian on oud, Theo Kappas and Garbis Bakiorjian on kanoun (a box zither), and occasional clarinet by John Pappas. This is old world music performed in a new world setting. Twenty-four tracks, minimal liner notes (something virtually essential for such recordings), and a pure delight for those seeking Judeo-Spanish, Greek and Turkish song recordings from the 1940s. Ultimately, these archival recordings provide a unique glimpse into the cultural diaspora communities looking to their own centuries-old history and culture. - Richard Dorsett

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