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Resistencia (www.edires.com)

cd cover A 'faltriqueira' is a pocket in a traditional costume for dancers, where girls keep their bric-a-brac. This group of five young Galician women come from the same pocket of world music and their record is a small, unexpected surprise.

Characterized by breezy arrangements, wonderful vocal harmonies that, while not traditional in their culture, sound like they were made for it. Overall, there is a welcome sense of sweetness. Faltriqueira bring to mind other musical groups from other places (Värttinä, I Muvrini, The Corrs and Galinverna), but hold their musical ground well. In the end they are like nothing but themselves.

Almost all the songs are folk compositions, so the lyrics are often simplistic. But occasionally they are quite revolutionary, as in "As Sete Mulheres do Minho" which offers this vision: "Maria da Fonte, with her pistols in her hand, to kill all those Cabral people who are bastards from birth." But no matter the subject, they always sound optimistic and full of sunshine, aided in great part by the young age of the singers. They exude an unadulterated sense of joie-de-vivre that is really catching without appearing overtly cutesy or kitsch.

The recording features a number of collaborations with some of the usual Spanish suspects (Oreka TX, Kepa Junkera, Luis Camino and others), but they do not divert attention from Faltriqueira. This record surprises by the fact that the diversity of instruments used (among them darboukas, fiddle, accordions, a bagpipe, cellos, guitar and synthesizers) never dilutes the sense of this being a record by five women and panderetas (tambourines) who create something bigger than the sum of the parts.

A verse from "Palmira" serves to sum it all up:

You must have done something to me
For I can't get you out of my mind
Neither in my daily thoughts
Nor my nightly dreams

- reviewed by Nondas Kitsos


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Audio (p)(c)2002 Resistencia, Spain, used by permission

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