Ivan Drever & Duncan Chisholm
The Lewis Blue

Drever and Chisholm are probably best known for their involvement with the Scottish band, Wolfstone. Although the basic format follows a similar pattern to their work with the band, a strong blend of instrumental and vocal tracks, some traditional, some contemporary, the album has a totally different character.

Maybe you could call it unplugged as it's mainly acoustic, apart from some keyboards. Perhaps you could call it scaled down, with only the duo appearing, occasionally accompanied by Phil Cunningham (keyboards, whistle, accordion and mandolin) and Brian McNeill (sequencing). Perhaps calling it a gem of an album would be the best description.

This collection of 11 tracks, including four songs and seven instrumental sets, possesses a feeling of intimacy, almost as though Drever and Chisholm have decided to sit back and simply enjoy their music without worrying about the cares of the 'music bizniss'. With soft vocals, the warm harmonies, the rolling arrangements, this is a pop album, but a fine one. - Jamie O'Brien

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