Lou Dalfin - L' ̉ste del Diau
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Lou Dalfin
L' ̉ste del Diau
Felmay (www.felmay.it)

cd cover Lou Dalfin, a group led by Sergio Berardo and his hurdy-gurdy, have been part of the Occitan musical scene since 1982, but you wouldn't be able to tell from their latest release "The Devil's Inn," filled as it is with youthful vigor.

Lou Dalfin stands out because of the themes it covers lyrically - their love for the Occitan land and their more epicurean side. The former features strongly on songs such as "Sem Encar Ici" (We're still Here), "Rigo-Ragga" (Rigodon), the traditional "I conscripts del Lengadoc" (The conscripts of Lengadoc) and in particular "Joan Cavalier" in which, "the king of France begins to quake." The latter interest in beautiful women, good wine and fun times can be experienced on the very funky "Temp de nuech" (Night Time), the opening song "La reina" (The Queen), and "Jan del car" (Minibus Jean), a song about certain port activities. With lyrics so central in their music, it's a good thing that the booklet is trilingual (in Occitan, French and English) so the rest of us can share in the fun.

Musically speaking, this record is a very good example of rock-traditional fusion, balancing between a necessary sensitivity and high energy. The use of electric instruments, far from distracting from the message, augments it, adding fuel to the polemical fire burning deep inside this band.

If you are into the whole rock-traditional thing, or classic rock itself, then this is a record you will enjoy a great deal, having similarities with bands like the Pogues, Hevia or Tri Yann to name but a few. Crank up the volume and enjoy! - Nondas Kitsos

CD available from cdRoots The artists' web site: www.loudalfin.it

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