Cosmic Voices of Bulgaria
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This choir of 21 singers, under the direction of Vanya Moneva, represents the latest in the neo-classical folk tradition. The rich, pure voices of these superstars from around Bulgaria have created new ways to hear choral music. Arabic, Turkish, Gothic chant, and Russian influences predominate on these beautiful and forceful songs. Solo voices mix in and out with the rest of the choir. Individual dissonant notes work together to complement the melody.

The variety is amazing. On "Djoreh is Sitting," the choir bends notes to the breaking point, squeaks out yelps, and quickly change course from a Broadway ballad to a cathedral chant. On "Lalitza is Late" the singers create a complex weave of voices, adding the distinctive Bulgarian driving rhythms. The cacophony of "Mechmetio" can be compared to a piece of modern classical music, rising and falling in waves of intensive feeling. Bulgarian choral music has been Westernized, Hollywood-ized, and combined with African and Asian music including Siberian throat singing over the last few years. Here it returns to the source, its raw beauty revealed. - Brian Grosjean

Short samples of the music are available at Intuition.

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