Casa Dela Trova

Cuba - tiny home of a giant treasure trove of music styles that have found homes around the world - danzon, bolero, son montuno, rumba, mambo, cha cha etc. etc. Its music is finally taking its rightful place in the world music "movement."

Chinks are being found in the insane wall that the United States has built around the island. There now seems to be a mini-rush to record the old styles while practitioners are still able to perform. The music on this album is on the cusp of folk and commercial, rural and urban, bolero and son monutno rhythms. There is much beautiful, heart-felt singing here in classic Cuban romantic style along with fine cuatro, guitar and occasional trumpet and violins. Some of the singers are a bit past their prime, but their deep understanding of the idiom makes for sublime moments, especially for those who have not heard this genre before.

But please search out reissues of Trio Matamoros (my favorite Cuban vocal duet), Septeto Nacional, Arsenio Rodriguez and Antonio Maria Romeu to hear the giants of this and similar styles. - Stacy Phillips

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