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Folk Ensembles From The Aginsk-Buryat Region Of Siberia
Sing Till The Sun Sets
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The day will come, I'm convinced, when collections such as Sing Till the Sun Sets will take their place as prized musical contributions to the human undertaking. The hottest of today's "world music" stars will fade, and we will turn for renewed inspiration to the honest, authentic sounds that have enriched lives since time immemorial. Such inspiration served as the motive for Sing Till the Sun Sets, which arose when members of New York's La MaMa Experimental Theatre sought to record folk songs from the eastern Siberian homeland of the Buryats. Though originally nomads, today's homeland of the Aginsk-Buryat lies to the east of Lake Baikal, a remote region of mountains and steppes. With thirty-two tracks, it's important to recognize that many of these songs are brief and reflect the ambiguity of field recordings and you often have to take what you get. What you get is extraordinary. The song collectors were seeking traditional songs and legends to be used for "Flight of the White Bird," a performance that debuted in the region from which these songs were gleaned in 1998 and then in New York (1999). Hence, from the region they sought out keepers of the oral tradition, meeting storytellers, musicians, village folk-ensembles and shamans. In these songs of horses, the land, love, swans, temples, and even comic dialog, Sing Till The Sun Sets offers an impressive glimpse across time through the recording magic of DAT, CDs and the world of digital technology. -Richard Dorsett

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