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Mulemba Xangola
Lusafrica (import)

cd cover Angola broke Portugal's political hold during the early 1970s, a time during which Barcelo de Carvalho took the name of Bonga and a musical and political identity that led to his exile in the Netherlands. The potent Angola 72 was considered contraband in Angola and its challenge to colonial rule forced Bonga underground while the recording gained in popularity. A follow-up album, Angola 74, was also well received. Here, Bonga is recording on the Lusafrica label, whose focus is music of the Portuguese-speaking world. Bonga now lives in Portugal and on Mulemba Xangola showcases dance-oriented recordings that have apparently become the focus of his lovely, raspy voice in recent years. At first, Mulemba Xangola seemed a tad "lite" but Bonga has truly extraordinary vocal skills that reveal themselves with a bit of attention and you will likely find your fondness for Mulemba Xangola grows quickly. - Richard Dorsett

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