Bazar Blå - Nysch
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Bazar Blå
Xource, Sweden

cd cover Nysch stands for "Den Nya Schottisen" (the New Schottis) and that is probably one of the more accurate descriptions of a record, for while obviously Swedish, this record has a lot of faint influences from all over the world which really invigorate the tradition. Swedish musicians are well-known for their ability to experiment with different trio setups and Bazar Blå are no exception. Johan Hedin's nyckelharpa is teamed with Björn Meyer's acoustic and electric bass and both are augmented by the various percussive instruments utilized by Fredrik Gille (among them riq, framedrum, udu, kanjira, bender and djembe) to create a very unique sound, not easily deciphered at first.

Under those circumstances, it shouldn't come as a complete surprise to learn that Hedin and Meyer first utilized their unique sound collaboration as model-actress Milla Jovovitch's backing band. Perish the thought, however, that this is some kind of phony group: Hedin, Meyer and Gille love music. They also love tradition, almost as much as they like other cultures, and this is evident on this, their fourth album. The result is what they describe as Transglobal Tripfolk, "music inspired by folk traditions from all over the world with the ambition to invite you as a listener on a trip through time and space." This is exactly what happens on tracks like "Syster Ararat," "RIQ," "Kebabchichi" and "Nysch," were subtle influences of other cultures inform the Swedish feel of the tracks.

As a result, the recording maintains the hypnotic drone associated with the nyckelharpa, but adds a generous dose of energetic counterpoints through Gille's instruments. It is a record that feels part of the tradition but surprises us at random moments, without ever sounding crass or forced. - Nondas Kitsos

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