Mats Berglund Trio
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Mats Berglund Trio
Mats Berglund Trio
Giga, Sweden (

cd cover It is fair to say that one cannot think logically about putting together a trio like this. Mats Berglund and his fiddle met Leo Svensson and his cello and Andreas Ralsgård and his soprano saxophone when, with a few days notice, Mats had to put together a group for the 1999 Euromusica in Perugia, Italy. Somehow it all worked well for that gig and that led to another and soon enough the trio was officially formed.

The lively and enlightening liner notes explain what followed in greater detail and they are one of the reasons why this record is a welcome addition to the repertoire of the Swedish folk scene. The main reason, however, has to be the beautiful juxtaposition of those three wildly diverse instruments which mange to simultaneously keep their ground and share the same soundscape in this record. The traditional tunes they cover are faithful to the masters who first performed them, while being brought to the present time in a very appropriate manner.

Although this is winter music par excellance, it is still very lively. The result is an endearing mix of drone-like background sounds courtesy of the cello, with the detailed artistry of the fiddle playing, while the saxophone adds interesting touches, when called upon. Flutes, a härjedalspipa and a diatonic accordion also find their way on this record when it's felt necessary. As one might expect, the musicianship is exquisite throughout the record.

The Mats Berglund Trio add their own unique but not arrogant perspective on the great tradition of Scandinavian popular music and will be a welcome addition to anyone who is familiar with the scene. - Nondas Kitsos

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